GNLL Baseball Rules





1.         Standings will be kept

2.         Rainouts will not be re-scheduled

3.         Playoff schedules and qualification will be determined during the season by the Commissioner. In a four team league all teams will qualify for the playoffs.


Duration of Games-

1.         Games shall last 6 innings or 2 hours-whichever comes first.

2.         No inning shall begin after 1 hour 45 minutes of game time.

3.         Umpires have final say as to whether another inning can begin based on time.

4.         There are no “extra innings” in the regular season. As such, games may end in a tie at the end of six full innings.

5.         Playoff and Championship games will go the full 6 innings whenever possible.


The Field-

1.         Two adult coaches may be on the playing field one each in the 1st and 3rd base coaching boxes.

2.         No players, coaches or parents shall stand or walk behind the backstop during game play.

3.         No family members or friends shall be permitted on the bench or in the bench area.

4.         No manager/coach/parent is permitted on the playing field or live ball area during play. Only after a timeout has been called and granted by the umpire can a manager approach a player on the field.

5.         Each team is responsible for field clean up after the game-especially garbage left around the bench area.

6.         Players not fielding, batting or on deck are expected to be sitting on the team bench. Coaches shall enforce this rule.


The uniform-

1          Players must be in full uniform with shirt tucked in.

2,         Male players must wear athletic supporter cups at all times.

3,         Players may not wear jewelry when playing.

4.         Catchers must wear full catcher’s gear (chest protector, mask, shin guards) but use of catcher’s mitt or regular mitt is optional.





Game Forfeit-

  1. A team must play with a minimum of seven (7) players. A team cannot add a player who is not on the regular team roster.Siblings or friends of players cannot be added to a team.This is a legal and insurance issue. Having less than seven (7) roster players fifteen (15) minutes after game start time will result in an official forfeit.The game time may then be used as a practice or scrimmage game.
  2. If a team plays with seven (7) players- the opposing team may (but not must) lend outfielders to the team which is short players just to round out the fielding. Those players shall be instructed to give their best effort. The fielders offered must be the players who made the last outs batting.
  3. A player who has not played in at least one half of his/her teams regular season games is NOT eligible to play in the playoffs without permission of the commissioner.


Managerial Rules-

1.   All players shall bat in order whether on the field or on the bench. The same batting order must be used throughout the game and should be written down.Coaches failing to comply will be reported to the league by umpire or opposing coach.

2.   Players arriving late (after the first pitch) must be placed at the bottom of the batting order.

3.   A maximum of 10 players may take the field at one time consisting of 6 infielders (pitcher, catcher, first, second, third, short) and 4 outfielders. The outfielders must be standing on the outfield grass and must be lined up across the outfield in positions defined as Right Field, Left Field, Right Center field and Left Center Field.

  1. A teams inning will conclude after 3 outs are recorded or when the 4 run per inning limit is reached.This is a HARD limit- once 4 runs are reached the inning is over regardless of the outcome of the rest of a play.There is a 6 run limit in the final inning for each team.
  2. Coach must call time to visit the pitcher’s mound and is entitled to one short visit.

On the second visit the pitcher must be removed.

  1. There is NO bunting or fake bunting at this age level.
  2. Only the two coaches may initiate a discussion with an umpire regarding a call or ruling. NO other parent, coach or spectator shall participate in such a discussion with an umpire.


Safety Rules-

1.    Only the player in the batters box may have a bat in hand.There is no deck circle at our fields.

2.    Any player who throws his bat piror to running to first base will be given a warning the first time and will be called out the second time regardless of whether the ball has been put in play.Each player is entitield to one warning.



    3.     If the umpire determines intent by the runner to injure a fielder the runner will be called   


    4.     Runner will be called out on any head first slide into any base.

    5.     Runner may not slide into first base except when returning to the base or avoiding a collision or errant throw.

6.     Infielders must play at “regular depth” and may move only after a pitch is thrown-except in a situation where the defense is “playing in” when attempting to prevent a runner on third from scoring.



   1.      The decision of the umpires shall be final

   2.      There shall be no arguing with the umpire-particularly as to judgement calls.

The manager/coaches are asked to support the umpires. No players, parents or spectators may hold discussions with the umpires.

3.      If there is a question as to a rule interpretation you may look over the rules with the umpire during the game (always have a copy of these rules with you).

After doing so, the umpire’s decision will be final. You may contact the commissioner after the game to discuss clarifications for everyones future knowdlegde

4.      In the event of an umpire not showing up for the game, the game should not be cancelled. If both managers can agree upon a subsititute umpire the game shall be played as normal (the umpire may work from behind the plate or from behind the pitcher’s mound). If no umpire can be agreed upon the ame may be played as a scrimmage.

5,      A base coach making a “safe” call which may influence the umpire’s decision is considered to be in violation of the code of conduct and may be removed from that position after one warning by the umpire.

6.      There shall be no arguing of balls and strikes by any party.



   1.      A pitcher may pitch a maximum of 2 consecutive innings per game.

   2.      Pitching to two batters constitutes a 1 inning appearance.If a pitcher comes in to face only one batter to finish an inning that pitcher may still pitch for two consecutive innings.

   3.      Pitcher may throw 5 warm up pitches at the beginning of each half inning.

   4.      A manager /coach may make one visit to the mound per pitching per inning. On the second visit the pitcher must be removed.

5.      Pitchers shall pitch from 46 feet (the rubber). However, 7 and 8 year olds may pitch from 42 feet (mark a line four feet in from the rubber) if they have trouble reaching the plate from the rubber. However a younger pitcher with superior arm strength shall pitch from the rubber.



6.       After any combination of 4 walks/hit natters in an inning the pitcher must be replaced. The pitcher may return the following inning if still eligible. Pitcher must also be removed after 2 hit batters in an inning regardless of walks.

7.       Intentional walks not permitted.

8.       Intentionally omitted

9.       Any pitcher warming up must throw to someone wearing a catcher’s mask.


Strike Zone-

1.       The strike zone shall be from the arm pits to the knees; one ball wide on the inside part of the plate and two balls wide on the outside part of the plate.

2.       The batter is out on the third strike whether held by the catcher or not.


Base Running-

1.           Stealing shall be limited to one steal per inning per player.  (i.e.- if a player steals      second base he may not then steal third as well. However,
     once second base is vacated    unlimited additional runners that reach first base may attempt to steal second).

     Minors-NOT ALLOWED ; Majors-ALLOWED, Ball MUST cross the  plate

2.         There is no stealing of home.  
3.         There is no leading and the runner may not come off the base until the pitch has crossed the plate. A runner who leaves early must be called back.

4.         There is no further advance allowed by the runner on an overthrow by the catcher on a steal attempt.

5.         Any ball that is mishandled by the catcher and allows a runner to advance shall count as a steal.


6.         No double steals are allowed. Also, with a runner on first and third and the runner on first stealing-the runner on third may not advance on the

7.         Tagging up is permitted only on a fly ball that reaches the outfield grass.

8.         Runner must slide into home plate on any close play. A runner causing a stand up collision will be called out. They may face ejection or penalty as well. A runner may not initiate contact in an effort to jar the ball loose. Thus, a runner will be called out if no attempt is made to get around a fielder with the ball waiting to make a tag.

9.         A fielder may not physically block a base with his body without having the ball in his possession.

10.       A fielder may be called for obstruction if he impedes the progress of a runner while not in possession of the ball. The umpire may call such a runner safe in the umpire’s discretion.

11.       On an overthrow where the ball remains in the playing field runners may advance at their own risk.Minors-1 base; Majors: 2 base outfield, 1 base in field.

12.       On an overthrow where the ball travels out of the field of play the runner gets the base to which he was proceeding and play then stops.

13.       Infield Rule Fly Allowed in Majors

No infield Rule Fly Allowed in Minors


Player participation-

1,         Each child present at a game must play a minimum of every other inning. no player shall ever sit two consecutive innings.

2.         No player shall sit twice before every player has sat out once.

3.         Players must be given the opportunity to play infield and outfield positions throughout the season.

4.         Players should be encouraged to swing and NEVER told to go to the plate with instructions to NOT SWING AT ALL.

5.         A few interesting baseball rules of which to be aware: a batter who is hit by the pitch while swinging at the pitch is NOT awarded first base’ a bounced pitch that hits the batter is still a hit by pitch UNLESS the umpire rules that the batter did not make a reasonable attempt to evade the ball; a bounced pitch can be batted into a FAIR ball.